What Can I Really Do With A VPS?

What Can I Really Do With A VPS?

The majority of people purchase a VPS because they need a solution for their power-hungry website, want to have full control over the web system, have an e-commerce store, a large blog, or simply want to run their own hosting company. But what else can you do with a VPS? Many people don’t know that a VPS doesn’t only have to be used as a web server solution; therefore, we have compiled a list of what else you can do with your VPS. Checkout our packages here!


Game Server

Want your own Minecraft world? How about a Counter-Strike server for you and your friends? Possibly you want to go back to the past when games were at their peak in the early days and setup a MUD or Team Fortress Classic. A VPS can be a good way to keep your costs at a minimum while running your own servers with whatever mods you’d like and your own rules too while allowing your friends to join in!

You can take it one step further, by even adding in a TeamSpeak or Mumble for real-time chat with your friends. Just check the specifications on your desired game and what we offer. If you can find what you need, you can always email us at sales@vpsvortex.com and we can always find a solution!


Personal VPN Server

Using public Wifis, such as coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, often? You can use your VPS as a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to keep your browsing and networking safe and secure while on any public Wifi. Login to your bank, check your emails, enter passwords and do more with the security of having your important details safe no matter where you are.


Simply install OpenVPN or any other VPN server to your VPS and with a bit of configuration you can security of your data from anywhere in the world. As added bonus, this can allow you to connect to region-blocked content (such as stuff on Netflix and YouTube). While I definitely wouldn’t recommend you try it at work, its a tidy way to get around region locking, which most users agree is…well, pretty bogus. Just make sure you properly mask your connections, or you might end up losing your Netflix account


Develop And Test Your Code

If you are more development-focused than a VPS could provide you with the perfect environment. You can use the VPS resources to run any type of development tools that you would require; but, more importantly the VPS can enable testing environments for the project giving you the ability to full test the development before even launching.


Run a VoIP Server (Voice over IP)

Setting up a VoIP allocation will allow you to make a few quick calls but don’t force you to opt-in for any long-term contract. Once the necessary callas are made you can shut the system down until you need it again without having to buy extra hardware thus saving costs in the long run.


“What else can I do with my VPS if I have tons of space resources being unused?”


Manage Your Projects

“If you run a small business, and particularly if that business employs remote workers, a good web-accessible project management tool is a must. ProjectLibre is a comprehensive open source feature-rich project management tool that was voted one of the “Top Ten Open Source Projects Of 2013”.


External backup server

Backing up your files should be a vital part of your digital life. How many times have you lost a file, a folder, or a whole hard drive?
You can keep a pile of external hard drives, USB sticks, or DVDs around, or you can set up your VPS as your cloud-based external backup system. And it can be more than just a backup system – build your own file server and access those important files from anywhere.
Or use your VPS as a backup server for your website. Keep regular backups and restore your website from a point in time quickly and easily.


Create A Private Cloud Service

We all love Dropbox: I know it makes my life easier. But sometimes I ponder the wisdom of syncing my private data to a third-party server that I don’t control. There are private solutions like the Transporter, but they’re expensive and not as flexible as a “cloud” service.
BitTorrent Sync is a private syncing service that allows users to sync their data between multiple devices, much as Dropbox does. But without the cloud component of Dropbox, the system lacks an always-on connection to the Internet. Installing BitTorrent Sync on a VPS creates a syncing platform that matches the functionality of Dropbox without the privacy concerns.

There’s more to the cloud than data syncing – contacts, calendars, and collaboration are equally important. The ownCloud application can handle data syncing too, but it also includes a calendar, task manager, document editing, and galleries. By hosting ownCloud on a VPS, you ensure both that it’s available from wherever you need it to be, but also that it’s completely secure and totally under your control.”



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